Animal SponsorshipOn our plot of 1000 hectares at Fresopolis we have the possibility to give farm animals all they need to spend a species-appropriate, healthy and relaxed life. We have trained, animal loving keepers and the necessary know-how. Our whole team is passionate about animal welfare and its heart and soul in the beautiful task of providing animals in need a life of dignity and a loving home.

caring about farm animals in need

animal aponsorship at Fresopolis
animal sponsorship at Fresopolis

an excellent choice

Our project Fresopolis was born out of love for the island and its nature. Our visitors can feel that. Our free-range chickens strut around confidently. They happily provide fresh eggs and, unlike on industrial chicken farms, we do not differentiate between males and females. So even the guys among them grow up relaxed with us - even though they have that annoying habit of calling attention pretty early in the morning.

animal husbandry
animal husbandry

an important aspect of animal life

Our donkeys stay together all their lives once they have fallen in love. Our sheep, ponies and pot-bellied pigs openly show their happiness about every single visit, and our guinea pigs and rabbits get along well together, too. It’s just like a big family living in harmony together.

a permanent home on the farm
a permanent home on the farm

life-long shelter for animals in need

On our plot of 22 hectares at Fresopolis we have the possibility to give farm animals all they need to spend a species-appropriate, healthy and relaxed life. We have trained, animal loving keepers and the necessary know-how. Our whole team is passionate about animal welfare and it's heart and soul in the beautiful task of providing animals in need a life of dignity and a loving home.

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Become an animal sponsor at Fresopolis.
Support and protect animals.

Why become an animal sponsor?

sponsoring an animal has many advantages

Our animal sponsors are part of a very special community on our farm. For just €15 a month, you can adopt an animal or a whole group of animals. You can visit your sponsored animal, pet and feed it in the company of our staff and give it the attention you would give a very special friend. There are more than 200 animals waiting for you on our farm, including ponies, donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, ducks, chickens, peacocks, rabbits and our sunshine Ferdinando – a real bull! With your sponsorship you are an important support for your animal and provide it with everything it needs for a happy and healthy life: Food, a cosy shelter and loving care.

  • Enjoy free access to our family farm
  • Meet like-minded people in our community
  • Get priority access to workshops and events
  • Benefit from discounts on our farm products
  • Stay up to date on our animals and farm life
  • Have fun at our annual sponsorship events
  • Sponsorships can be cancelled with 1 months’ notice
Pick your own berries on our strawberry farm

These fellows are looking for an animal sponsor

choose your animal


FRESOPOLIS is home to over 30 goats with several young goats. Did you know that a young goat is called a kid? Kids and kids get along great so be sure to play with our kids next time you visit.


Three little ducks happily stepped out of their eggshell at Fresopolis lately. Expecting an uncertain future at her former place, now it’s beautiful to watch them walk around confidently on our grounds.


Duke is a 4-year-old gelding who was treated very roughly in his previous situation. He loves kids but he is still afraid of men due to his past. His best friends are Rosita and Pintadeta.


Janis and Joplin are 2 donkeys that have been together for 16 years! Their owner contracted Covid-19 and is no longer able to care for them so they became a very important part of the FRESOPOLIS family.


FRESOPOLIS has a growing family of bunnies. Our latest arrival is a short hair names Lilly. She is still new here and acts shy sometimes. Next time you come to FRESOPOLIS be sure to welcome her.


You might wonder which peacocks are male and which are female. That’s easy to see. The males have a spectacular fan tail which they use in a romantic display to attract female attention.


FRESOPOLIS has several pigs ranging in size and age. The leader of the team of pigs is named Schnitzel. Schnitzel learned many funny tricks before he arrived. He doesn’t need to do tricks anymore.


Rosita is the smallest pony. She was rescued along with her friends Pintadeta and Duke. The three of them are connected by a beautiful friendship up to today.


Ferdinando was found in a very sad situation tied to a tree with a tight chain. After heavy neglect he is happy to be rescued and housed safely at FRESOPOLIS where he can spend the rest of his days in freedom.

Baby Chicken

The FRESOPOLIS hens are busy laying eggs every day. Some of these eggs are sent for incubation which mean a chick will soon appear. You can visit the baby chicks during special hours and even get a picture with them.


Janis and Joplin are 2 donkeys that have been together for 16 years! Their owner contracted Covid-19 and is no longer able to care for them so they became a very important part of the FRESOPOLIS family.


We have 200 sheep at FRESOPOLIS with new baby lambs arriving all the time. Some of the recent babies have to be fed by us with a bottle of milk. That works pretty well!

A Rewarding Journey

what do sponsorships provide?

  • proper nutrition
  • veterinary care
  • visitor for animal

A Rewarding Journey

what will I receive?

  • printable certificate
  • free admission
  • yearly sponsor meeting

A Rewarding Journey

what are the rules?

  • cancel anytime
  • payments are monthly
  • all ages are welcome
Animal protection in Mallorca

animal protection in Mallorca

as an animal sponsor, you are also supporting our rescue activities

Unfortunately, not all animals born on this beautiful island are lucky enough to grow up in harmonious and species-appropriate conditions from the very beginning. Again and again we receive calls for help from other animal welfare organisations as well as from private individuals. Sometimes it is about abandoned animals wandering along busy country roads, sometimes about animals being enclosed without food, water. In many cases, these animals are in bad health conditions, show deficiency symptoms and need special care. It’s about older animals and newborn ones alike. In Mallorca, there are only a few places that can offer shelter to such farm animals in need. Some of our farm animals that our visitors get to see have successfully recovered from an unfortunate past. They show their gratitude with a good nature and a particularly great interest in being groomed and petted. Your sponsorship does not only benefit your sponsored animal. You also support our animal rescue project.

Our biggest mascot Ferdinando is a good example for our rescue activities

our rescue activities

our biggest mascot Ferdinando is a good example

Ferdinando was found tied to a heavy iron chain in 2020. The chain had already grown deep into the skin on his neck. He had hardly any room to move, no water, food or shade. The local Animal Police association stepped in and bought him free. Now he needed a safe place to stay. There are not many places on Mallorca where farm animals in distress can recover from an unfortunate past like this. Jens, the farm owner of Fresopolis decided to give this big, peaceful guy a home. He’d provide him with food, health care and the opportunity to spend a dignified life on our farm. Jens made a decision that our whole team is happy about every single day.
On 15 August 2020, Ferdinando moved into his new, loving home. But there were still bureaucratic hurdles to overcome. Since no one could show proof of origin, the authorities suggested that we put Ferdinando to sleep. No way! The solution was to register him as a Fresopolis mascot. He passed the required health checks and got all needed vaccinations. He was castrated and chipped just like a dog. Ferdinando is just one example. His story turned out well, thanks to a good cooperation with other animal welfare organisations on the island, for which we are very grateful. And thanks to our sponsors.

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Animal sponsorship and animal rescue activities

The answer to this question certainly has to do with the tourism boom of the 1960s. Before Mallorca was discovered by the masses, life was easy going on the island. Due to its geographical location, the island had to be self-sufficient, so it was agriculture that shaped local life. Whoever owned a piece of land was the lucky one, as he could cultivate it and live off the harvest. Small and large farms kept their own animals. Cows, donkeys, sheep and horses were looked after and cared for, for they were important helpers. Then, in the 1960s, the urge grew to build infrastructure to meet the growing demand for accommodation. Land was sold. It became increasingly unprofitable to cultivate fields. The animals that were became a burden and could no longer be kept for financial reasons. Financial shortages were exacerbated by crises like the one in 2008. Those who lived on the island at that time may remember: horses and sheep were abandoned to their fate on their pastures and found in a desolate state. Goats jumped over fences, multiplied uncontrollably and were released for shooting. Unfortunately, such incidents continue to occur today. But it would be unfair to talk only about farmers. There are many reasons why an animal might need a new home, and sometimes there are real tragedies hidden behind the story of animals in need. So they need a shelter. As animal lovers, here’s where we gladly step in. And let’s be honest: we enjoy taking care of these animals. While petting, feeding, grooming and helping them to improve we benefit from a positive attitude. It helps us to relax and it makes us fall into bed with a pleasant feeling of balance.

An animal sponsorship as a gift

a beautiful gesture both for donee and for the animal

Our sponsorships are an original gift for animal lovers of all ages. Whether for a birthday, first day at school or as a wedding present – it will most definitely be an appreciated surprise! Apart from having their own Certificate of Sponsorship, our sponsors enjoy free access to our farm and the opportunity to pet and feed their animals with our staff whenever they want. It is, by the way, a nice chance to come into contact with like-minded animal lovers, for example during our yearly events for the members of our sponsorship program.

give away tender moments among sweet and tame animals!

Become a Sponsor

for as little as €15 / mo.

A Rewarding Journey

Enjoy free admission to Fresopolis and join our community of passionate animal lovers!

Animal Sponsorship

get free access to Fresopolis

Animal Sponsorship

Enjoy the authentic Mallorcan countryside and connect with animals in nature.

Animal Sponsorship

Become an animal sponsor NOW and visit the animals absolutely FREE!

Animal sponsorships are a beautiful thing - especially for children

Animal sponsorships are a beautiful thing - especially for children

Animals have a positive effect on children. You can see that just by looking at their sparkling eyes while being among tame animals. A little goat sniffing a kids sleeve, a piggy wallowing comfortably in the mud, a greedy sheep rushing over to be at the very front when it comes to feeding. Animals are authentic – just like kids. There’s no doubt: animals have a positive influence on physical and emotional health, development and wellbeing of a child. Kids also learn about animal welfare and train the sense of responsibility with a sponsorship. As animal sponsors, our little ones feel needed and enjoy both stimulating and relaxing moments. Does your child want a pet, but there’s no room or time for having your own? Then an animal sponsorship for only €15 a month might be the good solution. Our animal sponsors can visit their favourite animal whenever they want without having to pay the entrance fee of €10. Give the little person at your side a treat with beautiful moments in direct contact with our animals!

Companies that have Mallorca at heart will hardly deny that a positive relation to the island is beneficial in every way. To support an animal welfare project is a token of love for the island and a clear statement regarding sustainable agriculture, ecological cultivation and social commitment. Think about it – maybe it suits your company’s image to bring in a little closeness to nature.

It’s best to treat your pet in such a way that you would be able to cope with reversed roles in the next life without any problems. You’ll never know!

(Hape Kerkeling, German Comedian)


To become an animal sponsor at our farm is easy:

  • Select an animal or group of animals whose sponsorship you would like to take over yourself or give away.
  • Enter your personal contact details.
  • You will receive a first confirmation email and a separate email with your personal Certificate of Sponsorship.

With your animal sponsorship at Fresopolis, you are not only supporting your own sponsored animal ensuring its species-appropriate nutrition, medical care and grooming. You also support our rescue activities and animals in need to recover from an unhappy past at Fresopolis.