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Our animal farm

the cuddly highlight of our family farm

One area of our farm life is especially active: our animal farm. It is home to more than 200 farm animals. Here you can enjoy being close to grunting pot-bellied pigs, funny goats and fluffy sheep, sweet lambs, peaceful donkeys, proud peafowls, rabbits and guinea pigs, clucking chickens and tame ponies. Some of them were born at our farm. Others have found a new home at Fresopolis thanks to our farm animal rescue programme. They all have something in common: they get along well with our visitors and enjoy being admired and fed by our guests. In the surroundings of our animal farm, there’s more to discover. During the strawberry season, our fields are full of sweet and delicious berries waiting to be picked by you and your family. In the nearby herb garden you can stock up with aromatic medicinal and culinary herbs. Our sweet ponies patiently wait for you to take you for a ride, and those who wish to explore the secrets of nature can join one of our fun, interactive workshops. Last but not least: check our farm shop for fresh vegetables and fruit, cheese, milk, strawberry jam and sorbet and other fresh and tasty products from our farm and from our local partners. Come round and fall in love with country life at Fresopolis. Our farm is only 20 minutes away from Palma!

make funny friends

some of the faces you will meet on our animal farm

Animalero, Granjero, Ranchero

three fun experiences to enjoy our animal farm

Animalero Experience

Animalero Experience

Would you like to experience what it’s like to pet the wool of a tame sheep? Fancy getting sniffed by a curious goat or being surrounded by a flock of quacking ducks and clucking chickens?
During an exciting, guided tour through the enclosures of our animal farm, you will meet our furry and feathery friends, pet and feed and learn curious facts about their traits. Our animal tour is an exciting experience for all ages.

Granjero Experience

Granjero Experience

Combine your animal tour with one of our fun, interactive nature workshops. Plant, grow and garden, do handicrafts and explore the secrets of the animal and plant world. These little events are designed to be educational and fun for kids of all ages. Check out our daily programme before your visit and book your place in your favourite workshop online in advance.

Ranchero Experience

Ranchero Experience

During our ‘Ranchero’ programme, little cowboys and cowgirls between 4 and 10 years will enjoy a nice little pony on the back of their favorite buddy. Before you set off, you’ll learn how to saddle your pony properly and how to make friends with it in a charming way. And don’t worry: you won’t have to do without your animal tour either. It’s also included in our ‘Ranchero Experience’.

Picnics are a perfect way to enjoy a farm day

our animal farm for kids

we have a heart for rescue animals in need

Not all of the animals you can visit on our farm have been part of our family from the beginning. Some of them have been taken in through our farm animal rescue programme because they lacked food, affection and proper living conditions in their place of origin. We have gladly taken each and every one of these animals into our care. It’s a heartwarming experience to see them recover, become more trusting and comfortable with us day by day. These animals are just as happy to be stroked by our visitors as all the others. Well, maybe even a little more.

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Our animal farm for kids

learn about farm animals in Mallorca

discover a creative petting zoo full of fun ways to learn

the ethical initiative at our animal farm

Rooster Welfare

the ethical initiative at our animal farm

Have you noticed that not only the hens live a relaxed life with us, but also their brothers, the roosters? Unlike industrial chicken farms, we do not sort out the male chicks. The “boys” are also very welcome in our feathered family. That’s why on our farm you can watch not only happy hens, but also happy roosters strutting around freely! Our Rooster welfare initiative, lovingly named “Not Without My Brother” is a unique approach to provide safety and welfare to both sexes of chickens. If you believe all lives have value, then look for the rooster initiative symbol on our chicken and egg products and feel good about supporting ethical animal products.

Our happy hens and their fresh eggs from the farm

our happy hens

and their fresh eggs from the farm

Just as if they wanted to show their gratitude for growing up with their brothers, our happy hens give us lots of fresh eggs every day. If you like to enjoy your breakfast egg with a clear conscience by valuing animal welfare and sustainable nutrition, you should become a member of our Egg Club. For just € 60 a year, members of this farm-to-table initiative not only secure 12 fresh eggs from happy hens every month. They also get interesting discounts on other products from the farm and meet nice people at our annual Egg Club event.

Pet, feed and cuddle your furry friends

sponsorships on our animal farm

pet, feed and cuddle your furry friends

You have fallen in love with one of our animals and would like to visit it every day? As an animal sponsor at Fresopolis, you can do that! For a monthly fee of just € 15, you can visit your sponsored animal as well as all the other animals of our farm as often as you like without having to pay admission each time. By the way, with your contribution you do not only support your sponsored animal or the group of animals you have taken particularly to your heart. It also enables us to continue to take in and care for farm animals in need that have not fared so well on this beautiful island. Find out more about the benefits of animal sponsorship. Choose your animal and become an animal sponsor on Fresopolis now!

our educational animal farm

visit an exciting place full of amazing fun facts

See what special traits and abilities nature has provided our animals with. You might see them with different eyes on your next visit!