Daily Tours at Fresopolis Mallorca

exciting farm tours & workshops in mallorca

exciting farm tours & workshops in mallorca

a day trip to our unique children’s farm

a must-do for families looking for the perfect Mallorca tour

Our children’s farm on Mallorca opened its gates in 2020. We have to admit that we were almost a little surprised, but all the more delighted to see with what great enthusiasm visitors have embraced our concept, which is unique on the island. Our idea for Fresopolis was nurtured by our own love for animals and passion for nature. We created this place under the motto “Learn. Play. Grow”. Offering strawberry fields for self-picking, an animal farm with over 200 livestock and exciting, interactive workshops for children and adults, we have created a place for tourists and residents alike to experience nature in a fun and pleasurable way. Visit our family farm and enjoy a unique day full of special moments at Fresopolis!

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Mallorca and its top activities for families

our children’s farm is a simple alternative for a beach day

A day at our family farm Fresopolis on Mallorca is one of the most pleasurable tours for families on the island and far from being a day like any other! Here we enjoy playing, discovering, laughing, harvesting, picking strawberries and petting animals. We are free to dream and enjoy ourselves. You can relax with a clear conscience, as to spend a day like this with the family in the open air is just as beneficial for adults as it is for children. That’s how a day at Fresopolis has a number of positive effects on every single member of the family, whether young or old.

our family farm
3 ways to enjoy your day trip to Fresopolis Mallorca

a beautiful attraction in Mallorca for those who want to be flexible

The day passes at our family farm are designed in a way that you can comfortably arrange them to fit your own schedule. The proximity to Palma airport allows you to visit us even on the day of your arrival or departure. And if you ever want to recover from the sunburn you got during a long beach day, our farm offers you comfortable shady places where you can enjoy a welcome break from the Mediterranean sun without having to give up the feeling of being on a holiday. You are living and working on the island and just need to get away from it all? A visit to Fresopolis is a nice option for that too! Our animals and our strawberry fields are open for you all year round and almost every day. Get out of the daily routine and step into nature for a day. Be spontaneous and treat yourself and your family to a welcome break in the middle of nature!

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Why should you take a farm tour or workshop together as a family?

  • Being active together as a family creates a sense of belonging.
  • Laughing with funny animals connects people of different generations.
  • Learning by playing increases the creativity and development of children.
  • Dealing with animals promotes empathy and a sense of responsibility.
  • Spending time together in the open air encourages us to switch off.

our current offers

a day on the children’s farm

a day on the children’s farm

a day trip to Fresopolis is different from other Mallorca tours

Nature is our best teacher. On our 22 hectares of land near Palma de Mallorca, yet completely in the countryside and surrounded by nature, we have created an environment where it is fun for the whole family to discover nature in an interactive way. Apart from our generous strawberry fields and our animal farm with many tame animals to pet and feed, our farm offers many more opportunities to explore the secrets of nature and spend quality time together with the family once again in the analogue world. In our herb garden, aromatic medicinal herbs and culinary plants await you. In our flower fields you can enjoy picking colourful bouquets for yourself or for your loved ones. And in our interactive workshops on the topics of animals and plants, parents will have just as much fun as our little guests! Feel invited to enjoy country life with us to the fullest for a few hours or a whole day! Relax in contact with our animals, pet and feed them and learn exciting things about animals and plants in our splendid, interactive farmer workshops!

A unique option in Mallorca excursions

a unique option in Mallorca excursions

Fresopolis is an option with a unique farm concept for families

Learning something through play is the best way to promote our children’s development. This has been knowingly proven by professional educators and psychologists. Isn’t that very welcome news for children? And it’s more: Scientists have found out in a long-term study that contact with animals has a positive effect on a kid’s mental and physical health. Our concept is based on these splendid facts. We combined them with our own childhood experiences and the passion for nature, creating a place that our visitors of all ages will remember with a smile on their face. Here, our little ones enjoy being as free as a child should be while interacting and gathering positive experiences learning from nature. In the meantime, our adult guests recall positive childhood memories. Whether on holiday in Mallorca or as a simple break from everyday life – a visit to our farm is a beautiful experience for all family members.

  • Animals are stress relievers. Stroking an animal lowers the blood pressure and also calms the pulse. Even the most fidgety kid can learn to relax and experience the advantages of shifting down when dealing with animals. If you stroke slowly and carefully, the animal will respond positively and become your friend. This is a good possibility to exercise patience and a valuable lesson for life.
  • Cuddles strengthen the immune system and lift the general mood. Endorphins are released when we cuddle or pet animals. Another fact: Kids that grow up in close contact with animals tend to have a stronger immune system and are less prone to allergies or intolerances. Children who grow up in the city sometimes lack this important training of the body’s natural defenses.
  • Animals are comforters of the soul. Close contact with animals not only demonstrably promotes health, but also helps to overcome loneliness. Due to a more and more digitized world, parents often have to actively seek for a social environment in which the kid learns to channel and express feelings. Interacting with our animals can help them to do this. Animals offer our little ones the opportunity to open up to them. And they accept the child for who it is.
  • Animals can strengthen self-confidence. In a world in which performance is becoming more and more important, it is easy to lose oneself and to get the impression of losing control. If you can’t follow the rhythm, it often leads to self-doubt, which might accompany our children later on throughout their lives. Animals are grateful for interaction. They don’t judge you by your academic degree or social status.
  • The farm teaches us to slow down. Watching our farm animals chewing peacefully and moving relaxed in the open air has a decelerating effect. Out in nature, it’s the animals and plants that set the rhythm and show us in a friendly way how well things can work if we act at a calm and mindful pace. We can learn a lot from this natural rhythm when we apply it to our city life.
  • Farm life and animal interaction teaches children to have consideration and empathy. Animals in our care depend on us to provide them with more than just food. They need us and have their own needs, just like any human being. Sensing this reminds us how important it is to show consideration for others in a society. Animals kindly ask us to understand their sensations, emotions and behaviours, and to use our capacity for empathy to get on well with them.
Pony wash workshop

Our workshop "pony shower"

learn to wash a pony in our fun pony workshop

Would you like to ride a horse skillfully along the beach one day? Then prepare yourself for that now in our special workshop for pony lovers. Before you get on the back of a pony or a big horse, it’s important to get to know each other. Our summer workshop “Pony shower” is a pleasurable opportunity to do this. Here you will learn how to make friends with your pony in just a few steps:

Prepare your cleaning tools: You’ll need a water hose, mane comb, coat brush, hoof scraper, rubber brush, shampoo, fly spray and a bucket.

Begin to apply water to the pony: Always start with the legs, this way the pony calms down and understands that you are going to shower it now.

Scrape the dirt from the hoofs: Your pony’s hooves should always be free of dirt. A pony does not feel comfortable if it feels dirt under its hooves.

Next, soap the pony! Avoid the sensitive areas and stick to the legs, neck and body. You can use your hands or a brush to work up a soap lather.

Rinse out the soap: Now rinse the soap out of the pony’s coat. You do this very simply with water and by brushing the soap out of the pony’s coat with your hand.

Brush your pony now! Always brush in the same direction and remove loose hairs from the body. Comb out any stray hair so the mane is clean too.

By the way: the winter edition of our workshop “pony shower” is our workshop “pony care”: learn all about how to feed, groom and care for a pony!


You can design your day at Fresopolis according to your individual preferences choosing one of our 3 visitor programs: Animalero, Granjero or Ranchero. The basic entrance free includes the Animalero Experience (10 €/person, food for the animals included). Children below 1 meter of height enter for free. Our ‘Granjero Experience’ costs 15 €/person; ‘Ranchero Experience’: 17 €/person. The basic program ‘Animalero’ has a duration of minimum 1 hour, but you are free to spend the whole day at the farm, combining strawberry picking and other activities. Residents get a 10 % discount.

Yes, it is. We offer special discounts and individual and private activities for birthday groups. Check our birthday promotion here: [Add link to birthday page.]

All activities offered on our farm are outdoor activities. We offer animal tours and interactive nature workshops for kids of all ages. Our workshop offer may vary depending on the season. Our strawberry fields are open all year round, but the high season is from May to late September. You can collect fresh spices and medicinal herbs in our herb garden. Our farm shop is open all year round. Stock up with fresh vegetables, fruits, cheese and milk, strawberry sorbet and marmalade here.

A reservation is not obligatory, but we highly recommend booking in advance to secure your space in a workshop, a pony ride or in case you wish to attend an animal tour at a certain time. For strawberry picking or collecting herbs, a reservation is not necessary.

No. Our activities and visitor’s programs are designed for day trips.

As all of our activities take place outdoors, we recommend bringing sun cream and a hat, as well as enough water to refresh yourself in the hot summer months. In winter time, check the weather forecast and have a raincoat and boots in mind.

No, we currently don’t offer food and drinks at our farm, so please have this in mind if you consider having a picnic at Fresopolis. In our farm shop, however, we offer fresh cheese, milk, fruits and veggies, quality Mallorca wines, strawberry jam and a delicious strawberry sorbet made of our own fruits.