Pick your own berries on our strawberry farm

pick your own strawberries on our farm

Pick your own berries on our strawberry farm

Our strawberry farm

the strawberry farm at Fresopolis is a new highlight on Mallorca

Yes, we really do love strawberries! That’s a fact you can taste at Fresopolis! And as our experience has shown, there are lots of other strawberry lovers out there! This is how the story of our strawberry fields began: It was in the spring of 2020 when we opened the gates to our strawberry fields to self-pickers for the first time. It was thought to be a soft opening. But to our surprise, the news had spread like wildfire around the island. The public’s response was so overwhelming that our strawberries were completely harvested off the fields after a few days. We realized that we had created a real, new highlight for tourists and residents alike in Mallorca. To run out of strawberries – this won’t happen to us again! We have learned! Motivated by the success and all the positive reactions from our visitors, we diligently put some thousands of further strawberry plants in the ground. Since 2021, our fields not only provide a particularly large number of strawberries, but also the best ones in Mallorca! We are happy to receive lots of encouraging feedback from strawberry fans of all ages!

our family farm
pick your own strawberries

spend a pleasurable time with your children

Our picking fields are situated only 20 km from the island's capital Palma. They can be easily reached even by those who are not familiar with the island’s road system: Just take the S'Aranjassa road leading from Palma to Llucmajor. Our farm’s location, furthermore, makes it possible to combine strawberry picking with a day on the beach or a shopping day in Palma. Or just stop by after landing at Palmas airport to take some fresh fruits to your holiday home! And, believe it or not: despite this immediate proximity, our strawberry farm is blessed with a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere in the middle of nature!

come and enjoy
strawberry picking at our farm

a joyful experience throughout the year

It’s true: the Mediterranean sun lends us throughout the year a helping hand. And even on the few cloudy days of the year, our strawberries always get enough light to develop their special flavour: incredibly juicy and with a sweet, intense taste! In addition to the favourable light, our plants also benefit from the mild climate of the Mediterranean region, so they don’t have to struggle with ground frost or excessive rainfall. And they are grateful for that: all year round, but especially in our high season from May to September, our strawberry fields are full of delicious vitamin boosting fruits that you can pick to your heart's content with friends and family!

come and enjoy
take a day trip to the farm

strawberry picking, animal fun and workshops

Our strawberry fields are not the only reason why a visit to Fresopolis is worth a visit. Another highlight for families with kids is our animal farm with more than 200 animals waiting to be pet and fed by you. To enjoy being close to them at its best, we offer guided animal tours to meet our sheep, goats, chicken, rabbits, pigs, chicken, ducks, peacocks and other buddies. Take a ride on one of our sweet little ponies or join one of our fun, interactive workshops. Have a picnic under a shady tree and turn your strawberry picking experience into a whole day full of exciting events in the middle of nature.

our family farm
a special day picking berries

new memories are just 20 minutes away

Our strawberry fields are a place to give the whole family wonderful memories of a special day. Creative minds at Fresopolis constantly come up with new ideas to offer young and old exciting experiences on our farm. Keep up to date for what’s new on Facebook and Instagram! You will find information about special events such as theme days and workshops, special promotions, delicious recipes and news about what’s going on among the adorable animals living on our farm.

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FRESOPOLIS visitors say

strawberry picking farm and flower picking

Herbs, flowers, strawberry picking farm

a paradise for nature lovers

Right next to our generous strawberry fields, there’s more to discover! Our colourful flower fields are not only an enchanting decoration and a real feast for the eyes – you can also put together a beautiful bouquet here to give yourself or a loved one a nice treat! There are bright yellow sunflowers, blooming dahlias, lavender, gladioli and, depending on the season, other colourful jewels of nature. Spread happiness and optimism with our blooming flowers. Our herb garden with 30 different medicinal and culinary herbs is another highlight to be found on fields. Here you can stock up on aromatic kitchen herbs such as basil, oregano, dill, rosemary and coriander. Feel free to fill your medicine cabinet with natural medicinal herbs like sage and chocolate mint! Imagine coming home and unpacking all these fragrant products from nature! Explore our aromatic herb garden and stock up on your favourite herbs!

Besides the possibility to pick and snack Mallorca’s most delicious strawberries, to collect colourful flowers and fresh herbs, our fields will inspire you with great ideas to take home! Have a look at our decorative potato tower, for example! Or join our fun herb workshop and let yourself be seduced by the scent of our aromatic medicinal and culinary herbs. It is, by the way, a good opportunity to create your own natural home remedy kid or stock up your kitchen board with fresh spices.

a fun and healthy snack

A fun and healthy snack

The strawberries from our farm are delicious, and healthy too.

Vitamin C: Amazing, but true! With around 65 milligrams per 100 grams, strawberries contain more vitamin C than lemons, oranges or kiwis. Who would have thought that? Strawberries do not only boost the immune system, but also provide a whole host of antioxidants to prevent signs of ageing.

Folic acid: The sweet fruits contain 65 µ of folic acid per 100 g! This is especially good news for women who desire to have a child , but also for smokers and those among us who live a stressful every day life, as they have an increased need for this B vitamin!

Minerals: A 200 gram bowl of strawberries already covers an adult’s daily requirement of important minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and copper!

Magnesium: The need for this mineral is also covered! Magnesium supports vital functions in the body. It is important for optimal nerve transmission and neuromuscular coordination. Furthermore, magnesium plays a critical role in building strong teeth and bones.

Polyphenols: Among these secondary plant substances, ellagic acid is particularly abundant in strawberries. It is proven to have a preventive effect on the prevention of cancer and arteriosclerosis.

Low caloric value: And more good news: 100 grams of strawberries contain only 32 kilocalories – so you don’t have to worry about your slim line either!

Our strawberry farm: picking, snacking, petting and feeding farm animals too
learn play grow

Our strawberry farm

picking, snacking, petting and feeding farm animals too

Learn. Play. Grow. This is the motto of our family farm for all ages. Our beautiful strawberry farm is part of it. When it comes to spending a relaxed yet active day with the family in the midst of nature, this is the place to be on the island! Enjoy a guided tour through the corrals of our tame farm animals, feed and pet them and learn interesting and fun details about their behavior: this is our “Animalero” experience. Little cowboys and cowgirls can get a taste of the prairie while riding a pony choosing our “Ranchero” experience. And to those who are eager to playfully explore the exciting world of nature, we recommend the “Granjero “ experience participating in one of our fun, interactive workshops about animals and plants! Before or after strawberry picking and visiting our animals, feel free to relax under our shady trees with a self-brought picnic and recall the beautiful moments with your loved ones. And if you feel like it, take the chance to try our delicious own house wine available in our little wine shop on the farm! Doesn’t this sound like a perfect day which all family members will enjoy at its best? Find the perfect program for your family in our event calendar.


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Granjero Experience


  • Campo incl.
  • All you can eat
  • All ages

Animalero Experience


  • Campo incl.
  • All you can eat
  • Fresopolis Park
  • Community BBQ
  • Animalero Tour
  • All ages

Ranchero Experience


  • Campo incl.
  • All you can eat
  • Fresopolis Parc
  • Community BBQ
  • Animalero Tour
  • Tractor Tour
  • Brunch Buffet
  • All ages
Join the egg club

Pick your own berries

And while you’re here, be sure to get some fresh eggs too.

If you care about animal welfare, conscious nutrition, tasty, natural food and environmental protection, you should consider joining our Egg Club. At Fresopolis, we have over one hundred happy hens that spend a long, healthy and stressless life on our farm. These proud, feathery ladies grow up as designed by nature, pick healthy, natural food and walk around freely at their own pace. What more could you give a hen to be happy? And they do show us their gratitude by providing daily a beautiful amount of eggs of all shapes and sizes. Be sure: once you’ve tasted these eggs, those of unknown origin from the supermarket will no longer be an alternative! But there’s much more behind our farm-to-table initiative! Our egg club members not only enjoy a dozen fresh, tasty eggs each month. For an annual membership fee of only € 60, our Egg Club members get a 10% discount in our farm shop, 2 workshops a year for free (value 10 €), make hens happy and meet nice people at our yearly, fun Egg Event! As a member of our Egg Club, you are supporting an innovative initiative that meets all the criteria of animal welfare, healthy nutrition and environmental protection and benefit from the result: having your own, fresh and tasty eggs to enjoy with a good conscience.


For those who wish to experience picking and snacking on their own, get their fresh and juicy strawberries for a general price of 7,50 €/kg. But watch out: especially in the main season between May and late September, we frequently surprise with special offers which will be announced on Facebook and Instagram! No time to pick yourself? Just let us know! Benefit from our take-away offer and have your juicy fruits ready for take away for 9 €/kg!

Thanks to the fact that we pick our strawberries directly from the field and sell them exclusively on our farm, we don’t have to apply surcharges such as storage and delivery costs on our products. What does that mean for you? It’s simple: our strawberries are not only guaranteed to be the freshest ones on the island – we can also offer them at the best value for money! Forget about the disappointing “dirty dozen” below fresh looking strawberries in the packages from the supermarket! And remember: self-picking is a pleasurable experience and snacking is allowed on our fields!

Strawberries bloom and produce fruit in the summer. Our picking season starts in late May and can continue as late as September if the climate is mild. Some fluctuations in timing are natural so be sure to check our Facebook and sign up for our newsletter for the most accurate announcements about strawberry picking in Mallorca.

Fresopolis strawberries are grown with love and ideal conditions which get the berry from the strawberry farm to your table directly. Get Mallorca’s best strawberries to the lowest prices!

Yes! Frozen strawberries are a great treat to have on hand, bringing a taste of summer even to the cold days of winter. Frozen strawberries can be used in smoothies, jams and sauces -or simply pop them frozen into your iced tea for a fruity ice cube.

Our berries really are the best in Mallorca, which is why the ice cream experts at Iceberg Ice cream decided to use them in a special limited-edition Fresopolis Strawberry Sorbet. We also offer a lovely jam made of our berries and fruits grown right here on the farm. Pick up your sorbet and marmalades at Fresopolis today.