caring about farm animals in need

Did you know that guinea pigs can live for about four to eight years if well cared for? Rabbits even live between eight and twelve. Monthly expenses are about 60€ (without veterinary costs). – that makes about 5.000€ for a lifetime.

Not a week goes by without a request from families who have bought small pets for their children and now cannot or no longer want to maintain them. Be it the care or the costs, or simply because the children do not care for the pets.

And that is exactly what FRESOPOLIS stands for. Of course, we take in the little furry noses before they are simply abandoned like hundreds of other animals on Mallorca. Currently we already have >50 of these funny little companions and are always happy when we find a new home for them.

Unfortunately, it is not only the little furry noses that are offered to us, but also predominantly farm animals. Because the thought of living on a finca with sheep, goats and chickens seems very attractive to many. Then circumstances change (time, space, money) and these animals suddenly need a new home too. To prevent them from being tied up or left to fend for themselves, we constantly need your help.

The number of animals that have a “home” but are treated badly, like our FERDINANDO, is large. Much too large. Mallorca’s sun is too hot to leave the animals standing there in their own excrement on just a few square metres without being provided with fresh water or food.

We want to offer these animals the chance of a new home.
And if you ask yourself now, how is that supposed to work? The farm is limited, isn’t it?

That’s right. We take the animals in, give them time to acclimatise and find them a new home where they will be treated as they deserve.

And you can help us!