Visit Fresopolis Mallorca and learn about farm animals!

By Fresopolis

Do you know which of our farm animals are the smartest?

It’s our pigs! Along with chimpanzees, dolphins and octopuses, pigs belong to the 10 most intelligent animals in the world. But what are they capable of?

Pigs are very adaptive. They can learn more commands than dogs, and in less time. They can also recognise themselves in the mirror – most other animals think their reflection is another animal. Some pigs have shown to understand individual words and even react when called by their name. And here’s the kicker: pigs can even play simple computer games if a reward is waiting for them! By the way, with permission of the farmer, the bristly inhabitants of a farm in Denmark enjoy regulating the temperature in their barn themselves.

How do they do it? Well, operating a lever with their snout! By the way, on our family farm on Mallorca you’ll meet lots of these clever and funny farm animals! Come round and join one of our fun animal tours at Fresopolis. Have fun petting and feeding them and our more than 300 farm animals!