The secret about the Fresopolis chilies from Mallorca

By Fresopolis

The secret about the Fresopolis chillies from Mallorca

They don’t just look fiery – they are: our chili sauces Habanera, Escorpión and Carolina Reaper! And they are a real farm-to-table product: once the sun-ripened Fresopolis chilies have been harvested, the Mallorcan expert Salsas Martínez in Sóller skilfully transforms the pods into a spicy highlight for all those who like it hot.

What would a barbecue be without a sensational chili sauce? Its consumption not only puts the guests in a good mood – it is simply a must to refine your steak, your fresh grilled fish or to top your homemade chili con carne. Our chili sauces contain the most spicy chili varieties in the world – but watch out: they can do much more!

Our Fresopolis hot sauces are a party highlight and’ll make your guests feel happy!

Ever seen someone in a bad mood after eating chili? Certainly not! And it has long been scientifically proven anyway: fiery spices like chili (bot.: Capsicum) not only give food the finishing touch – in fact they are even capable of lifting our mood. Just like ginger, chilies contain the active ingredient capsaicin. This is the substance that provides the spiciness. While your tongue burns, your body releases serotonin, the so-called “happiness hormone”. Serotonin provides us a feeling of contentment and serenity. At the same time inhibits sensations like fear, sorrow or hunger.

Our Fresopolis hot sauces are a party highlight and’ll make your guests feel happy!

Chili makes the pounds melt away!

Chocolate also makes you happy? Well, that’s a fact, too. Unfortunately we can’t eat it with a clear conscience if we want to watch our weight. The capsaicin contained in particularly hot chili peppers, on the other hand, makes us feel happy and moreover, it alleviates our craving for fatty, salty and sweet foods. In addition, chili stimulates digestion and the general metabolism. If that’s not good news for barbecue fans and real gourmets!

Why are spicy dishes especially popular in hot regions?

You might have wondered why you know mainly spicy dishes from Mexico and Asia. Mexico, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and China are among the main cultivation areas of chili. But why is this sudorific nightshade plant so popular in these hot countries in particular?

The name “chili” has its origins in the Mayan language Nahuatl. It was the Spanish that brought the plant to Europe in the 15th century. Without writing it down for future generations, the indigenous people of Mexico already knew back then what European and American scientists have only discovered in countless studies in recent years: red chili beans contain a number of health-promoting substances. However, while in industrial countries, the plant’s antioxidant effects became a prime criteria in the first place, the indigenous people of Central America cultivated chilies for completely different reasons. Adding chili to their meals made them sweat. Sweat cools the body down and lowers its temperature: one good reason to consider chili a medicinal plant in Europe too, isn’t it?

Other health-promoting effects of chili

Other health-promoting effects of chili

Just as recommended for any other food, chili should be consumed in moderation. Experts advise a daily intake of about 10 g per day. Our red, sun-ripened, organically grown chilies from FRESOPOLIS provide you a good portion of vitamin C and beta-carotene. In addition, the capsaicin they contain regulates the acid flow in the stomach and their cholesterol-lowering, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, circulation-enhancing effects are considerable..
And the best thing about them: they are hidden in a delicious BBQ sauce ready to steal the show at any barbecue party with friends and family! Enjoy our hot sauces from Fresopolis!