What makes a kids paradise in 2021
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By Fresopolis

What makes a kids paradise in 2021?

When it comes to find a great birthday present for our child, parents often start to wonder. What will make his eyes shine with happiness? Should it be the new Playstation, a pair of stylish headphones, or perhaps a new mobile phone?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple. Just recall your own childhood memories. What did our own childhood paradise look like back then? What dreams made us smile while sleeping? When it comes to inner happiness, is there really a difference between now and then?

Kids are naturally endowed with curiosity, drive for movement and imagination. This is just as true today as it was when we ourselves, as little people, took our first steps in this big world. And there is a reason why these three things are particularly present in children. Curiosity motivates us to discover new things and to understand how they are related to each other. Our drive for movement makes us explore our surroundings and broaden our horizons bit by bit. And imagination turns our world into a colorful and adventurous place. It promotes creativity and the ability to face challenges in our future life.

The concept of our kids paradise at Fresopolis is called ‘Learn. Play. Grow.’

A bale of straw, a tangled tree, a maze of bushes, an old tractor. A child is often fascinated by the simple things it encounters. They serve as a source of inspiration. Thanks to a child’s imagination, any object can instantly turn into the main prop of an exciting adventure movie that fills the mind with images and stories. A movie with the kid itself being the creator, director and protagonist.

In our children’s paradise, we want to encourage this childlike imagination. We have a lot of ideas for this in our heads. And it is, in fact, real fun for our team to continuously expand our family farm with natural playing opportunities.

Come by and discover what we have come up with for you this time!

Fresopolis – a kids paradise with a land of milk and honey right next door

Let’s be honest: who hasn’t dreamed of a visit to the land of milk and honey as a child? Picking and snacking on juicy sweet fruits on our strawberry fields comes pretty close to this dream. By the way: another delicious delight is our homemade strawberry ice cream.

Spoil your sweet tooth with strawberries and ice cream in our children’s paradise!

Our kids paradise is a fun place to learn from nature. The best teachers: our animals

The better developed our natural senses are, the easier it is for us to cope with new situations that we are confronted with again and again in life. And where else can we experience the world with all our senses if not in nature?

On our farm, our little guests can test their senses in a playful way. We invite them to taste, sniff, feel and listen in our fun, interactive workshops. Here we discover the important role nature plays in our lives. There’s no doubt: nature is our best teacher.

Animals can be particularly charming mentors. While we feed them by hand, they demand patience, empathy and sensitivity from us. To stroke a fluffy sheep and feel its warmth will be enchanted and, by the way, benefits from its relaxing effect.

What gave you particular pleasure in your childhood? We would like to know! Who knows, maybe we can incorporate your ideas into our paradise for kids.